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Patio furniture also called garden furniture adds beauty to your outdoor living area and also provides utility. They need to be maintained and stored when in use or when not in use.

girly patio furniture inspiration 535x418 300x234 Enjoy Nature: Say Thanks to Patio FurniturePatio furniture is basically garden furniture. Such furniture is specially designed for outdoor purposes. Its specialty is that it is usually made of weather proof materials. Garden furniture is generally available in the form of a patio collection comprising of four to six chairs and a table. It may or may not have a parasol i.e. a large umbrella. These umbrellas are used to give shade from the scorching sunlight, thus controlling the temperature. All these arrangements help us to enjoy our garden view without thinking about getting tanned or wet in the rain. The set may even contain patio heaters which allow us to sit outdoors in the garden even at night without worrying about the temperature, thus giving us full opportunity to enjoy the outdoors at any time in any season.

Garden furniture is at large made of materials such as plastic, wrought iron, aluminum, wicker and wood. As garden furniture depreciates over time, they need to be maintained. Teak is a material used to make such furniture. The presence of silica makes it resistant to fungal decay, rot, swelling, warping, and even some chemicals. It provides protection even from acid, alkalis and fire. Plastic patio furniture lasts long enough. The problem in aluminum ones is that if the coating is not proper it gets corroded. With the improving technology synthetic resin furniture is also available in the market these days. These have a long life expectancy and cheap manufacturing cost. They carry a warranty of around twenty years and can be molded to resemble wicker or wood.

One can rejuvenate the look of his gardens with stylish selection of outdoor furniture. Garden outlook can be updated with new dining furniture or elegant seating sets. An outdoor bench or a swing on a porch really adds color to the garden. Not only does it provide utility but also changes the ambience into poetic and calm. Painting outdoor furniture is an easy and fast way to change its look and increase its durability.

In summers, outdoor furniture is used a lot but in winters when the days get short and there’s chill in the air, people prefer to stay indoors. This is the time to store patio furniture because they can get damaged outside without use. The few simple ways to do so would be cleaning it up, giving it a coat, and covering it when not in use.

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